About us


Mindful nourishment for belly and heart

Belly & Heart brings together holistic nutrition services, therapeutic yoga and mindfulness practices to support the health, joy and resiliency of individuals, families and communities. We facilitate engaging and inclusive spaces for learning and food skills development – empowering folks of all ages to live health-full lives, work towards their specific health goals, and cultivate a joyful and mindful relationship with food, one’s body and one’s self. This work is grounded in a celebration of our diverse cultural food traditions, our diverse bodies, mobilities and experiences, and the many ways we create family and community.

Khalilah Alwani, M.A.

Khalilah is passionate about community self-care, and the healing power of food and movement. She works with individuals, families, and communities to identify what they need in order to feel well and live meaningful, holistically balanced lives, and then supports them in creating and moving towards their health goals. Khalilah is committed to cultivating spaces for learning and healing that are anti-oppressive, queer and trans positive, and liberating.

Holistic nutritionist

With a background in community food education, mental health and recreation, Khalilah has been developing and facilitating community food programs and cooking classes for the past seven years, working with adults and youth of all ages.  Building on this experience, she pursued studies and clinical training in holistic nutrition through Pacific Rim College (Victoria BC), and focused her Masters degree on issues of Indigenous food sovereignty (University of Victoria).  

The sun shines down on a table covered in delicious looking salad makings.

About holistic nutrition

Holistic Nutrition is an evidence-based approach of utilizing foods in their whole form to support our holistic health and wellbeing. Nourishment through food is foundational to our wellness, and includes not just the food we eat, but how well we digest, absorb and assimilate nutrients, as well as our experiences and relationships with food. Balanced nutrition provides a base upon which we build our vitality and strength. Food can be therapeutic both in prevention as well as management of chronic and acute health issues, by helping to restore balance to the body’s system. Holistic Nutrition offers you an active, empowering, and non-invasive approach to healthcare, where we co-create a plan to support your health that is attainable, sustainable, and uniquely tailored to your specific needs, goals and life circumstances. 

Yoga teacher

For the last 13 years Khalilah has been studying and practicing yoga and mindfulness meditation, and in 2015 she completed her yoga teacher training through Ajna yoga (Victoria B.C.). Khalilah believes that cultivating a strong mindfulness practices can radically shift the way we relate to ourselves, our bodies, the food we eat, the land it comes from and the world around us.