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(feels like a lot of information on page.  should sections be on seperate pages, or even better perhaps for now, I will have all info clearly on one page, but then also subtabs from the menu take you to where exactly on the page that section starts?) Cooking classes, nutritional counselling, nutrition packages, public education/talks

note to self- future wellness packages integrate nutrition and yoga offerings.


Cooking classes and food skills

Food skills educational offerings include: community cooking classes, group classes, special event, classroom training, in home family classes.  Sign up for a public class, or contact us to book a whole foods based cooking class for your group or organization.

Upcoming Cooking Classes by Belly and Heart:

  • Nourishing soups – A series
  • A whole foods approach to eating gluten-free
  • Whole foods eating 101:  How to get the most nutrition from your food (Macrobowl-grains,beans,nuts soaking.  Steaming, sauteing; lemon and cast iron; freshness)
  • Eating healthy on a budget (The Macrobowl, and sourcing, tips-batch cooking etc)
  • HD and Nutrition:  Eating for brain health (May do as three part series-smoothies, soups and stews-N dense, anti-inf, microbiome and gut/digestive  health)
  • Supporting the nutrition of your loved one in care

Click to sign up for a cooking class  (or for now, contact us for more information on upcoming workshops)

Nutritional counselling and wellness coaching– for individuals and families

Learn more about Holistic Nutrition (click)

Free 15 minute services consult:  An opportunity for you to get a sense of my approach and to discuss what services may best meet your individual or family needs and health goals.


New Client Nutritional Counselling package: consult and follow-up: includes a 75-90 minute initial intake appointment, a 30 minute follow-up appointment, a resource package, and a co-created plan for moving forward. $150

Each initial consultation starts with a thorough intake of health and medical history, assessment of symptoms, and a conversation about your health, lifestyle, and personal goals.

A 30 minute follow-up session will then be scheduled in which you will receive your comprehensive nutrition plan. Your plan will include diet and lifestyle recommendations, educational resources, recipes, and other resources deemed appropriate.

Additional appointments can be set up as needed.

Follow-up appointments: 45 minutes ($60), 60 minutes ($75), 75 min ($90)

Nutritional counselling and foods skills training packages:

 (give each a descriptive name?) Food skills to support health goals…. Food skills for holistic wellbeing  ( I want to promote this packaged offering)

Food Skills for Health package – $250 plus the cost of groceries (profile this package on website, – is there a way to box these up so not overwelmed with text and can clearly see different offerings?)

*Support your health through cultivating new food skills, recipe ideas, nutritional knowledge and confidence.

*Learn how to manage or prevent chronic disease, support neurological and mental health, meet your pan-pregnancy and post partum nutritional needs, age with ease of wellbeing, address the root causes of reproductive health issues/address reproductive health issues, balance blood sugar or digestive issues, and shift child behavioural challenges through nutrition and lifestyle practices.  –  We can cater this package to your unique context.

*Have some fun in the kitchen, while empowering your self, or your family, with the skills to live healthy lives.


  • free 15 minute services consult
  • Initial intake appointment-where I learn more about your health goals and concerns, and nutritional habits/practices and needs, and assessment of kitchen tools and space
  • a 3 day meal plan with recipes
  • a home-based private cooking class focused on developing the skills and confidence to make new healthy recipes that will support your unique health goals and needs   – 2.5hr
  • 45 minute follow-up appointment

(Book this package)?

Ask about our:

  • Pan-Pregnancy package

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  • Post-Partum Nutritional Support package

(Book this package)?

  • Healthy Aging package

(Book this package)?

(Families Cooking Together package)-doesn’t need to be a package.  reach this segment in other ways.

Custom packages are available that combine nutritional counselling, nutritional education, food skills training and personal chef services together in a way that meet your needs and heath goals. Packages can be adapted for individuals, couples or families.


Khalilah Alwani holds up a wooden spoon full of turmeric, in the kitchen

Public talks

Whether it is a keynote, a lunch and learn session at your school or workplace, or a cooking demo, we are available to speak to your organization.

Recent talks include:

  • holstic nutrition, mindfulness and Huntington disease
  • macro and micro nutrients
  • nutrient dense smoothies
  • cultivating mindful eating
  • managing endometriosis with nutrition
  • managing pain with an anti-inflammatory diet 

Personal chef services, curriculum development and consulting, menu planning and consultation, as well as market tours are also provided by Belly and Heart.

Contact us to learn more about these opportunities